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We have designed The Consultancy Business to offer training, guidance and support in a range of different ways.



Learn new skills. Acquire useful tools. Form helpful habits.

You know your subject like the back of your hand. But do you know how to build an outstanding consultancy business around it?

Our courses are designed to equip independent consultants with skills and tools that complement your own expertise to help you run your business as effectively as possible.

Practical, to-the-point and structured in accordance with best practice in adult learning, each month will deepen your knowledge in a different domain, from defining success to pitch-perfect pricing.

Everything included in the course is delivered online via films, downloadable tools and templates, and detailed notes that will help you with implementation.

Course 01: Advance (Month 1–6)

Month 1: Name Your Terms

What do you really want? Defining what success looks like — for your consultancy, and for you personally.

Month 2: The Golden Rule

Survive, but not at all costs. Navigating the world of independent consultancy while staying true to your values.

Month 3: Service Please

What do you offer? And how can you be sure that everyone wants it?

Month 4: The Price is Wrong (Probably.)

Why you’re undercharging — and what to do about it.

Month 5: Win Without Fighting

How to put your competition at such a strategic disadvantage that they have no option but to let you win.

Month 6: Check Your Plumbing

Sales pipeline problems and how to overcome them.

Course 01: Advance (Month 7–12)

Month 7: Oops

Common sales mistakes, how they’re made, and what happens if you mess up. (Because everyone does at some point.)

Month 8: Set Out Your Stall

Who are you? What is your USP? Brand positioning with authority.

Month 9: Almost Famous

If they don’t know, you can’t grow. This module is all about how to make marketing work.

Month 10: Nose to the Grindstone

Getting the work done, effective project planning and focused delivery.

Month 11: Error Terror

What happens when things go wrong, how to overcome problems, and making sure they don’t happen again.

Month 12: Secrets and Lies

What no one tells you about being a consultant, and the hidden traps that any of us can fall into.

Course 02: Evolve

Once you become an established part of our community, we hope that you’ll want to stick around. Ideally you’ll have become a valued contributor for other members, too.

As you come to the end of your first year as a member, you’ll unlock additional specialist content that will help you develop your consultancy business even further.

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Share knowledge. Help others. Grow together.

This is where you can learn from our community, and give back to it too. The Consultancy Business is founded on the principle of reciprocity, and success being a two-way street. In essence, it’s all about joining in.

Access 24/7 discussion boards

Our discussion boards are supportive spaces for ongoing debate about a range of topics that are vital to success as an independent consultant.

Explore helpful topics

Access to discussion boards is exclusive to our community members. Topics include:

  • Pricing
  • Positioning
  • Difficult issues you might be encountering with clients or partners
  • Sales
  • Winning business… and keeping it

Help others solve problems

Knowledge is power. Your hard knock could be someone else’s near miss. Or another member’s experience might prevent you from making an expensive mistake yourself.

So we encourage our members to ask and answer questions on our boards whenever the opportunity arises.

Be inspired by our faculty

Thought starters from our thought leaders. Our faculty will offer input on specific topics, or suggest that they are covered in more detail in your Community Circle.

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Tools & templates

Instant expertise. Tried-and-tested tools. Enhance impact.

All the stuff you get to keep. Many of the resources available to you as a member are part of the courses. But they can be helpful in isolation too. From downloadable tools to our exclusive podcast, everything is designed to help you grow, and grow well.

Downloads and tools

Practical, applicable frameworks and templates that you can start using straight away. Helping you win more clients, make more money, firm up the foundations of your business, and more.

We release new materials every month, in line with course content.

We’ll always give clear instructions on how best to use our tools in your business. That said, they’re generally pretty intuitive or self-explanatory so you shouldn’t find them awkward or complicated. They’re all selected for our community because they’re established and proven to work — we use them in our own practices.

Community members can also explore implementation ideas in Community Circles.

Members-only podcast

Bored of business podcasts that are 90 minutes of unedited rambling? Our monthly podcast is different: taut and fat-free, designed to be consumed on the go or over a coffee. In it, Phil and the team tackle essential business-focused topics including pricing, positioning, self-awareness, social media presence and ethics for consultants. The members-only version of the podcast contains longer interviews with clients along with a summary of takeaways and recommended actions.

If you’re following our courses, you’ll find that the podcast offers a complementary deep dive into related issues.

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Group mentoring & coaching

Discuss challenges. Solve problems. Work it out.

What’s keeping you awake? Some issues feel overwhelming when you’re trying to solve them alone, and are best tackled by being thrown out to a trusted group. Always led by Phil or another faculty member, our curated member groups (we call them Community Circles) are a great way to find effective solutions to tricky problems, awkward situations, and difficult staffing or client issues.

Monthly get-togethers

Once you’re part of a Community Circle, you can thrash out knotty problems, discuss key challenges and explore fresh thinking with a supportive and focused group of other consultants.

Curated, confidential conversations

You don’t need to worry about conflicts of interest, competing agendas or finding yourself up close and personal with rivals in your sector. Community Circles are carefully curated to ensure that no direct competitive conflict exists between participants.

We also run our circles under strict confidentiality provisions to which all our members commit. These are safe spaces, and we take our community responsibilities seriously in this regard.


1-to-1 mentoring

Personalised support. Strategic planning. Breakthrough performance.

Sometimes focused individual attention is just the thing your business needs to flourish.

For the most ambitious and fast-moving consultancies in our community, Phil and the team offer one-to-one mentoring and coaching packages to help you build your business your way.

Unlock growth one-to-one

Individual mentoring and coaching involves spending fixed time together every month covering the tricky, shifting terrain created by growth.

You will be held accountable by thorough planning, roadmapping and defined outcomes that are pinpointed to your business’s strategic and commercial needs.

Dedicated attention

Phil and the team will be on-hand whenever urgent needs arise via phone and email. A ‘phone a friend’ of this sort can be useful in a wide range of situations, from client conflicts to pitch problems.


Experienced. Empathetic. Knowledgeable.

Phil Lewis

Proven client experience from our faculty of established independent consultants

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