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Pick the plan that’s right for you – your membership can grow as your business does.


£195 /month
ex. VAT
A hands-on, wide-ranging, structured learning journey with new resources each month

Core features included:

  • Month-by-month video learning
  • Access the first module on sign-up, then at 30 day intervals
  • A new downloadable tool or template with each module
  • Monthly members-only podcast with exclusive content


£495 /month
ex. VAT
Access to discussion boards and group mentoring for unrivalled peer-to-peer support

Resources plan plus:

  • Access to exclusive, curated members-only discussion boards
  • Monthly Community Circle – common issues explored with one of the team and a carefully selected group of other consultants


£795 /month
ex. VAT
Additional support for the most ambitious consultants (limited to 12 consultancies at a time)

Community plan plus:

  • Extended monthly Community Circle session
  • Twice annual two-day retreat*, led by Phil, to go deeper on issues related to growth
  • Unique offers and discounts with selected partners
*Costs exclude travel and accommodation. Retreats will be held in the UK.


Exclusive one-to-one support packages built to order, targeting breakthrough performance

Club plan plus:

  • One-to-one attention
  • Always-on access to support whenever urgent needs arise
  • A growth strategy designed specifically for your business
  • Introductions from our network

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Courses and resources: new content released each month
Advance: master the business of consultancy (modular 12-month course)
Month-by-month video learning
Downloadable tools and templates
Detailed, practical course notes
Members-only podcast
Onboarding support: making the most of your membership
Community spaces
24/7 Community discussion boards
Exclusive Club discussion board
Community activity – monthly summary emails
Mentoring and coaching support
Community Circle (group mentoring and coaching) – 2 hrs / month
Community Circle+ (group mentoring and coaching) – 3 hrs / month
Work with our industry-leading, award-winning faculty
Twice annual two-day retreat*
Unique offers and discounts with selected business partners
Structured one-to-one mentoring and coaching
Always-on access to support whenever urgent needs arise
A growth strategy designed specifically for your business
Introductions from our network
Supporting those in need
Buy One, Fund One support model
Making it work for you
iOS and Android app
Full compliance with GDPR
Confidentiality protection
Technical support
Priority technical support

It’s quick and easy to apply

We like to have a quick chat with anyone who wants to join certain plans. Here’s why…

First off, we want to make sure that being involved will benefit you and your business. We’re all about value here, and we want you to get the best out of being part of the community.

The Consultancy Business is also all about the power of giving back. We thrive on members who give as well as take, share our values, and follow our simple house rules. We want to create a powerful community that benefits every single consultant involved.

So, a Community or Club membership starts with you having a casual, get-to-know-you-better video chat with us. It helps us understand you, your business, and your plans for the future.

Of course, if you’re just looking for some handy tools and aren’t interested in diving into our community, you can always sign up for our Resources plan, no strings attached.